Exhibit is hung!


The quilts are officially up and on exhibit until the end of April and the Harford County, MD Gallery has never been more colorful!

I have thoroughly enjoyed walking visitors through the chosen quilt pieces, offering amusing stories and tip bits along the way.  What fun!

This opportunity has been very humbling…it is sometimes so hard to have others judge something so very personal.  My hope is that they can sense the vision and passion that I have for this craft.

Enjoy a few photos and let me know which one you like the best!

Only a week til spring…

20150303_105456_resized 20150303_105510_resized_2 20150303_105522_resized 20150303_105530_resized_2 20150303_105538_resized_3 20150303_105546_resized_3 20150303_105601_resized_2 20150303_105624_resized_2 20150303_105633_resized_1 20150303_105644_resized_3

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