Inspiration from the world around us!

Original Quilt Designs, Quilting - Inspiration

Whether you are deciding on fabric colors for a quilt or just looking for a unique pattern or design, inspiration is everywhere!

I have been quilting and creating my own designs for many years and I have a tried and true method for staying creative and keeping my projects fresh and fun.   It’s actually very simple!

Merely take notice of the world around you…from the rising sun in the east as you drive into work in the morning, to the colors of the flowers, bird and trees in local gardens to the buffet of color in a restaurant salad bar at lunchtime.   Color and beauty abound!

Our seasons change here on the East Coast every few months, so there is nearly constant opportunity to get inspired by nature!

Heading to the beach this summer?  The shore is teeming with vibrant color from the blues of the ocean, to the soft hues of the seashells to the explosion of color in the flowers, trees, roadside vegetable stands, our clothing and even beach towels.

Not a summer person?   Then look no further than autumn!   Who doesn’t love the changing color of the trees, the oranges of pumpkins, the red and green hues of ripening apples, the first smells of wood burning in a fire place or crispness and coolness in the air on an October evening?

Winter can be gray and dank…but who hasn’t appreciated the beauty of a male cardinal perched on a snowy fence or the glistering of ice crystals draped over the branches of a tree?   Amazing, right?

Let’s not forget to mention those first spots of green on the trees in early spring or the first crocus – busting through the frozen ground and blooming in white, yellows and purples.

Be prepared so that you don’t lose an idea or thought.  Have a notebook, large envelope or phone readily available to take pictures, jot down notes or save items that you find interesting and inspirational.

Greeting cards are one perfect example of simple beauty and inspiration because they offer a wide range of color and design layouts as well as motivational and heartfelt quotes.  Save the ones that spark an idea for a future project.

Museums, art shows, galleries, and art books can also offer a world of beauty and interest.

Don’t even get me started on architecture…copper gutters and roofs, decorative tiled or inlaid wood floors, twinkling stained glass windows, and even tin ceilings can set my creative mind on overdrive!  Just a simple walk through an older neighborhood can offer some fresh ideas.

Discover what stimulates your creative juices and let them flow with abandon!