Gallery Exhibit!

Quilt exhibits


  For the months of March and April, I have been honored     with a gallery exhibit in the County Council chambers of     my local government.   Exciting opportunity but so many     details I had not thought about when I was asked to be       the guest exhibitor a few months ago!

First up, I had to stop over and view the space last week    to determine how to hang the quilts and how many    samples I would need to fill the long, white hallway walls.

Back home to pull out my stored quilts – wall hangings, runners, mini, lap quilts and bed quilts – and to evaluate which ones would serve as a well-rounded sampling of my collection of works.  Once chosen, the quilts needed to be aired, spot cleaned and ironed.   Some quilts will receive a sleeve for the “dowel and hook” set-up and others will have small rings attached to the top binding back in order to hang on the existing system.   Can I use a quilt rack or a rocking chair as props?  Have to check on that one!

quilt clip art 1Next to deal with the documentation side of things.  First I had to compose a bio for the event.  Had not done this since my quilt pattern business years ago!  Need to secure a picture too.

Next – detailed descriptions to serve as labels for each of the pieces being hung during the event.

Finally, making the decision on whether I want to price some of my pieces for sale or just supply contact information with an email address and a link to my blog for taking custom orders and commissions.

Scheduled to set up the exhibit next week – will upload comprehensive gallery pictures as soon as they are available!

Happy Quilting and if you live on the East coast – here’s hoping for an ice free week!